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A good bag got much better.

The Gate8 V2 is a fine upgrade over V1 and worth a buy if you like carrying on and are okay with the width of garment bags (wider than normal bags).

Pros over V1
*) Much better zips - they don't get stuck
*) Longer telescopic handle, better build quality
*) larger laptop bag, I can now stuff in my wires on the side, additional pouch inside for a kindle/ipad mini
*) Leather like padding at the bottom and on the handle compared to polyester before
*) Better overall branding outside and inside
*) More attention to details
*) Fixed the lean forward problem when standing up
*) Laptop attach/detach zip on the side instead of the bottom - makes it easier to put back on (relatively)
*) Much faster shipping, and reasonable total price ($200 I think, shipped to US) compared to V1 (I paid around $300, after shipping from the UK)

Cons compared to V1
*) Smaller front pouch

Whats improved but not solved
*) While V2 solves the lean forward problem, it is still easy to knock it over with a push. I really don't think they
can completely fix it because you have the laptop and gizmos at the front which will always be heavy. Its something
you need to be aware of and be careful of. For me, the biggest issue was the lean forward when left alone - and
that part is addressed.

Others things I'd like to see in V3
*) water bottle compartment
*) metal garment clip inside


Date: 2/26/2017
I have used this bag for a year now... and the bag is good for the most part but I was so disappointed by the material used on the bag carry handle. It was not leather or anything durable. It was poor quality imitation leather that lasted 3-4 weeks before cracking and now it is just completely flaking off. For an expensive bag this is bad. My bag looks so cheap now and I feel embarrassed to carry it around in such a shoddy condition. Should have thought of going for travelpro or something else proven in this price range. I probably will not be a repeat buyer or recommended for this. This review is for the trifold series 2.

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