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Cabin Approved Carry On Garment Bags

Welcome to GATE8 - Home of the Award-Winning Garment MATE Suit Cabin Bag and range of world-class carry-on garment bags for business & leisure travellers.

Committed to speedy, hassle-free boarding, we create intelligent, wheeled luggage to store your business suits, trousers, dresses, accessories, and technology whilst making your journey easier. Helping you work and keeping your valuables safe.

Every carry on bag has a detachable laptop compartment so you can store your main garment bag in the overhead locker and keep your tech and valuables with your at your seat.

All GATE8 bags are constructed for the perfect fit within the hand luggage size restrictions of most global airlines including Delta Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines, Virgin America, JetBlue Airways, Frontier, Spirit and Air Alaska.

Why worry about the time and hassle of checking-in your bag? Travel with GATE8 and make your journey stress-free.

Great things come in small packages here at GATE8, which is why we have created a range of travel accessories to make your journey even easier. Power and Packing perfection!

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The serious business traveller demands fast, speedy boarding without the hassle of check-in queues or baggage check-in. Fully cabin-approved, the Business MATE is a trusty sidekick that delivers 3-day garment storage, is security-friendly and features our zip-off tech bag for your laptop during the flight. Easy to carry and even easier to wheel.

Peace of mind is important when travelling away on business. You never know whether airlines will hit you with a charge for having an over-sized bag at the check-in desk. Fortunately, we build our bags to fit within the hand luggage restrictions for 99% of global airlines. Check over 135 airlines here.

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